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3D Printer

3d printer

  1. Don’t use this machine if you have not received training.

  2. Hot surfaces! The extruder nozzle is small but it gets very hot when the printer is in use (>220 C, 400 F). (The entire Build Plate may be up to 105C/202F depending on the File Settings. For PLA the build plate is typically set to a warm 50C/120F.)

  3. Pinch Points! The instrument is a moving robot with many pinch points and it will suddenly start and stop. Once a print is started, keep hands out of the interior.

  1. To be successful at operating a 3D printer, you need training, experience, and patience.

  2. The 3D Printing Process: Model - Slice - Print

  3. Did you produce your build file from the STL file with the correct machine settings and correct extruder (left or right)?

  4. Did you save your file to the SD Card for the printer?

  5. Is the machine ready?

  6. Do you have enough filament to complete the build?

  7. Is the machine idle?

  8. Is the build plate empty and clean?

  9. Does the build plate have adequate glue to for the print to stick?

  10. Once the build starts, did the first layer stick and build correctly?

  11. Once the build is complete, do you know how to safely remove it from the build plate and leave the machine ready for the next build?


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.