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Your one-stop shop for video production.

RCMakes Productions specializes in all aspects of video production. We have a fully equipped in-house post-production facility. All of our editing and color correction is handled in-house by our staff production team.

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Lighting Technician

A student trained in the capabilities of our complex lighting system will be available to help your vision look exactly how you want it to and will program these lighting cues for your entire show. Don’t like where one of the lights is positioned? Our technicians can also physically adjust the lights to fit you.

Spotlight Technician

Our spotlights reach just about everywhere in the Performing Arts Center and require an expert eye to keep your performers perfectly framed. RCTech provides a trained spotlight technician for this very purpose, so that your show can be lit exactly how you want.

Video/Projector Technician

Have a Powerpoint or a video you want to play during your show? With a trained projector technician in the booth, you can use your files to build the perfect backdrop to your show.

Audio Technician

The RCHS sound system has immense possibilities using tracks, handheld microphones, choir microphones, and more. Our RCTech sound technicians will work with you to assure that audio for your show is heard by all audience members.