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Lights, Sound, Showtime!

RCTech is a student-run service offered by RCMakes that provides vendors of the Rancho Campana Performing Arts Center and Black Box with services including, but not limited to, lighting, sound, and video projection. Trained RCMakes interns will provide productions with an affordable, reliable, and friendly crew to execute all audio/visual needs.

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Lighting Technician

Students trained in the aspects of our complex lighting system who will be able to assist you in making sure your vision is exactly what you want it to be. They are responsible for programming lighting cues for the entire show.

Spotlight Technician

To keep your performers perfectly framed, you'll need an expert eye to adjust the spotlights throughout the Performing Arts Center. In order to ensure your show is lit perfectly, RCTech provides a trained spotlight technician for this purpose.

Video/Projector Technician

Managing the operation of a projection booth is the responsibility of a projection technician. Their tasks include managing film projectors, assisting with film content programming and formatting, and ensuring that video recordings and screen images are kept under observation.

Audio Technician

In order to ensure that everyone in the audience can hear your show, our RCTech sound technicians will work with you. We have a vast range of possibilities with the RCHS sound system such as tracks, handheld microphones, choir microphones, etc.

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