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Band Saw

band saw

How to Use:
  1. Turning on the machine is very simple

  2. To your left there is an On and Off switch

  3. Simply press the On button and you will be on your way, when you are done, press the off button. It will take about 30 seconds to stop moving, and while it is slowing down do not touch anything to it to try to stop it as this may result in injury.

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Plan ahead, make relief cuts and drill holes before working on the main cuts.

  2. Always keep your fingers and hand clear of the blade.

  3. Keep the wheel covers shut whenever the bandsaw is on.

  4. Make all adjustments to the bandsaw when it is stopped completely.

  5. If you are trying to cut metal ask an employee to change the blade, because the standard blade will break if it is used on metal.

  6. Adjust the upper guard so that it is ¼ inch above the stock BEFORE STARTING the saw.

  7. Make sure to re-tighten the nob after ajusting the height to prevent it from moving whil the machine is on.

  8. Do not adjust the guard when the bandsaw is running and completely unplug the bandsaw when changing the blade. If the blade breaks, do not open the wheel covers until you aresure that the machine has completely stopped.

  9. Use a push stick when necessary to avoid putting your finger in the way of the blade such as when cutting smaller pieces.

  10. Make sure to keep the workpiece on the table where it is being cut.

  11. Stop the saw before removing any scraps.

  12. Remember to always decrease the feed speed as you approach the end of a cut to avoid accidentally pushing body parts into the machine.

Positioning the Guide Post:
  1. Around the blade of the machine there will be what looks like a guard, the whole bar is called the guide post

  2. On the top there should be 2 Knobs, one on the right and one in the back of the machine

  3. The one on the right is a Guide post Evaluating wheel, this will mainly move the guide post up and down

  4. To move the guard down, twist the knob forward, and to move it up, twist the knob backwards

  5. The knob on the back of the machine is the Guide post Lock wheel, this will Lock the Post in place

  6. To lock the post in place, twist the knob to the left, to unlock twist the knob to the right

  7. It is important that you ALWAYS position the Guide Post, if you don’t THIS can lead to injuries occurring.

  8. As well that you position the Guide Post depending on how tall your wood is too, if the post is placed too high and you are cutting a short piece, this may lead to the blade breaking

  9. When you are done using the Band Saw, position the Guide Post to where the bottom, called the upper bearing Guide, is making contact with the plate

  10. This allows others to remember that they have to postion the Post when using this machine, because doing this can be forgotten easily


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Band Saw Tutorial