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Belt and Disc Sander

Belt and Disc

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Wear safety glasses or goggles.

  2. Wear a dust mask for dusty operations.

  3. Make sure the sander is switched “OFF” before connecting the power supply.

  4. Disconnect power supply before changing a sanding belt, making adjustments, or emptying dust collector.

  5. Inspect sanding belts before using them. Replace those belts worn or frayed.

  6. Install sanding belts that are the same widths as the pulley drum.

  7. Adjust sanding belt tension to keep the belt running true and at the same speed as pulley drum.

  8. Secure the sanding belt in the direction shown on the belt and the machine.

  9. Keep hands away from a sanding belt.

  10. Use two hands to operate sanders - one on a trigger switch and the other on a front handle knob.

  11. Keep all cords clear of sanding area during use.

  12. Clean dust from the motor and vents at regular intervals.

  13. No headphones are allowed near the machine whether or not the machine is on.

How to Use:
  1. Press green start button to begin sanding.

  2. Push wood against the table, while pushing against the sander until desired shape is created.

  3. Press red stop button to stop the sander.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Belt and Disc Sander Tutorial