The Community Makerspace is available to reserve on 8/17, 9/21, 10/19

Boys and Girls Club
Design Lab

RCMakes’ mission is to help youth discover a passion for the future technology tools. Our interns have designed lessons, workshops, and design challenges for students at the Boys and Girls Club.

Newco Foundation, RCMakes benefactor, designed the lab at the Boys and Girls Club. We have a dedicated staff to work with the children at Boys and Girls Club.

General Safety


Stem kits are quick and easy activates kids are able to do. There are step-by-step instructions as well as all the materials needed to create a project. There are slideshows that can be accessed any time as well as links for all the materials used in the project. There are also competitions based on the projects and the winning kids can choose which stem kit to do next.

3D Printing

The 3d printer additive manufacturing tool the kids would learn to use. First, the kids would go through a safety video and test. Then when all the safety procedures are met, the kids are able to watch numerous mounts of step-by-step videos to help create projects using the 3d printer and a software tool. The 3d printer is able to take any design from the software and make it into a physical object by having hot plastic go through a tiny nozzle that would be building the design. An intern will be available to assist any kid who needs help along the way.


The laser is a skilled tool the kids will learn to use. First, to ensure safety, the kids will first go through a safety video and test. When all the safety procedures are met, the kids are able to watch step by step videos to create projects using the laser. The laser is able to cut and engrave designs students make into wood, cardboard, glass, rubber fabric, coated metals and non-metalic metals. If along the way any kid needs help, an intern will be there to assist them.


The coding is applicable skill taught using numerous amounts of methods like games, step-by-step instructions, videos, and slide shows. The kids would be able to work on their projects from anywhere as it is all fully online and available. Any kid who needs help along the way can get assistance from an intern.