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Cold Saw

Cold Saw

How to Use
  1. To your right on the wall behind the cold saw, there is a white box with a switch, flip the switch up.

  2. Then on the right side of the machine, there is a green knob, flip the knob on the right to turn on the machine.

  3. Above the green knob, there’s a black knob that gives you the option of High to Low or Stop, turn the Black knob to the right on the slow setting.

  4. The black Knob should always be set on Low because you NEVER cut through metal on the High setting.

  5. Now to the left on top of the machine, there is an orange valve and under it, is a tube of coolant, rotate the valve so that it is in line with the tube.

  6. Once all of that is completed, you are ready to cut your piece.

  7. Take your piece you are going to cut and place it on the plate and make sure it is in contact with the platform.

  8. Around the platform there is a vice, in front of you should be a wheel with 3 handles.

  9. Rotate the handle to the right to tighten the vice onto the piece you are cutting and rotate to the left to untighten.

  10. On your right there is a black handle, pull it down slowly and hold it LIGHTLY, holding it with a good grip will turn on the blade which you dont want to happen just yet.

  11. As you pull, the blade will start to show and move down, look first at where the blade will touch and as you are doing this, do not make contact with your piece yet.

  12. Once you have seen where the blade will make contact, have the handle go up and then where hand holds the bar, there is a button, now hold it down with your hand and begin to slowly bring down the handle.

  13. As you are moving the handle you will begin to be cutting your piece, as you are cutting and bringing the blade down, keep going down at a slow steady pressure.

  14. Going to fast can ruin blade which you don’t want, take your time.

  15. When you are done cutting, take your hand off the button and move the black handle up to its original position.

  16. After that you can release the vice that is fastened to piece.

  17. When you are completely done, turn off the machine.

  18. To turn off, refer to the steps above on how to turn on the machine, but read the steps in reverse starting with the last step.

  19. Also as the cold saw is off please ALWAYS be sure that the coolant valve is SHUT and is placed at a 90 degree and not in line with the coolant tube, if it is opened, this can cause the cooland to leak out and ruin the machine.

  20. This is really important to do because this step is easily forgettable to do.

Safety Guidelines
  1. First, make sure you are following Makerspace safety precautions (tie back hair, no loose clothing, protective eye-wear and closed-toe shoes).

  2. Be sure you are familiar with the machine beforehand. Ask for assistance if needed.

  3. Check the blade to ensure that it is still capable of cutting safely. Look out for missing or dulled teeth.

  4. Be aware of the location of the stop button and have it accessible at all times.

  5. Do not remove or adjust the guards. However, if they are not functional, do not use the equipment and instead alert a shop supervisor.

  6. Do not cut small pieces or any other substances other than metal.

  7. Ensure that the coolant delivery system has sufficient flow to it.

  8. Set safety guards on the machine before running it.9. Firmly clamp the metal that you will be using so that it will not move while being cut. Support long stock with a sawhorse or floor stand.

  9. Let the blade get to full speed before making your first cut.

  10. Keep fingers well away from the blade when it is moving.

  11. Be sure to never force the workpiece into the saw. When working properly, the blade should cut through the metal with ease.

  12. Listen for any unusual sounds when cutting. If any are detected, stop work immediately and do not resume until you have fixed the issue.

13.Do not move or adjust the stock (this includes measuring, clearing away chips, etc.) until the blade has completely stopped moving.

  1. Do not leave the saw until the blade has come to a complete stop.

  2. Keep the area clean and free from oil, grease, and debris and clean up any coolant spills as soon as is safe.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Cold Saw Tutorial