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How to Use:
  1. Use paddles, push blocks, and push sticks to keep your hands 6 in. away from from the cutterhead at all times.

  2. Never joint stock less than 12 in. long. Never edge joint material less than 14 in. thick, 34 in. wide or 12 in. long. Never face joint material less than 38 in. thick, 34 in. wide or 12 in. long.

  3. Check the depth of cut before turning machine on.

  4. Adjust depth of cut to less than 132 in. for material with knots, 116 in. for clear material.

  5. Stand to one side of the jointer, not directly behind it.

  6. Allow the cutterhead to reach full speed before starting a cut.

  7. Never feed material with your thumb or fingers on the end of it; keep them on top of the material.

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Follow all shop rules.

  2. Don’t use this machine if you have not received training.

  3. Safety glasses are required to be worn at all times.

  4. Hearing protection is recommended.

  5. No exposed long hair, no loose clothing, roll up long sleeves.