RCMakes and the Community Makerspace remain closed until school reopens for students.

Academy Bridge Program

Summer Enrichment for Incoming Freshmen

For incoming freshmen in all academies, this two-week program is offered in August. All academy programs run concurrently on campus with both academy-specific activities and combined activities.

Be better prepared for high school. Get a head-start with your academy. Make new friends.

Academy of Engineering

Students will be introduced to woodworking, metalworking, solid modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, and coding. By the end ofthis program, each student will learn to use various tools in the shop, learn to create graphic designs that can be laser engraved onto wood or metal, learn to create 3D Models using industry- grade CAD software, learn to 3D print, and learn how to code their own game or website.

Academy of Medical Sciences

Students will be exposed to hands on training with lab equipment, techniques, and safety. Topics include HIPPA compliance, first aid/stop the bleed, hands-only CPR, infectious disease, epidemics and mental health including an introduction to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. By the end of this program, students will be more prepared for the various courses that Rancho Campana has to offer.

Academy of Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts

With the help of upperclassmen, students will gain the entry level skills recommended for the Visual Arts classes they may take. They will be introduced to the use of camera equipment including the digital management of photos and footage, composition & editing, broadcasting, commercial photography, graphic design, phone photography, drawing and painting.

Academy of Arts & Entertainment - Performing Arts

Having an introduction to the variations of art offered will help students discover which art classes they want to focus on throughout high school. Over the course of the three week session students will be introduced to dance, public speaking, acting & improvisation, singing, audio recording & editing, and stage prop design.

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Rancho Campana High School 4235 Mar Vista Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010



1:1 Device

All participants will be issued their 1:1 device by OUHSD on or before the first day of ABP

Fee: $175.00 (contact us at abp@rcmakes.com to request a need-based partial or full scholarship)