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Panel Saw

Panel Saw

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Always have the stock firmly attached to the frame of the panel saw to prevent movement.

  2. Check the stock for foreign objects such as nails or screws before cutting. If any are detected, do not run the stock.

  3. Never cut small pieces with the panel saw (those smaller than 29”x29”).

  4. Do not cut multiple pieces at a time.

  5. Use hearing protection as needed at your own discretion.

  6. Be careful not to force the saw to cut too fast.

  7. Be sure to turn on dust collection before using the saw.

  8. Keep hands clear of the saw and do not reach underneath the guard, especially when the saw is turned on.

  9. Return the saw to the top position before removing pieces.

  10. Never adjust the saw or setup without turning off the saw and returning it to its top position first.

How to Use:
  1. The panel saw is designed to cut large, relatively thin pieces of material (generally plywood) by keeping the workpiece stationary and moving the saw itself.

  2. Move the motor to the top of the panel (vertical cuts) or on the left of the panel (horizontal cuts).

  3. Place sheet of wood on steel rollers.

  4. If cutting vertically: Push START, then pull the motor down until it has completely cut through the wood.

  5. If cutting horizontally: Adjust motor to desired height,then push START, and begin to push wood across.

  6. Once finished, push the STOP button, and collect wood. Put wood you do not need in the scrap wood bin to the right of the saw.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Panel Saw Tutorial