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Scroll Saw



Safety Guidelines:
  1. Make sure that long hair is tied up and clear of the workspace and will not fall forward near the blade. Do not wear jewelry or loose clothes while working. Wear sturdy shoes. Always wear safety glasses while working with power tools.

  2. Check to ensure that you are using the correct blade for the material that you’ll be using. Reference this page when picking a blade: Scroll Saw Blades.

  3. Ensure that the teeth of the blade are facing down.

  4. Make sure that there are no foreign objects in the area before starting to cut.

  5. Turn on the machine and allow the blade to fully come up to speed before beginning to cut.

  6. Listen for unusual noises or excessive rattling when the machine starts. If you notice either of these things, turn off the machine immediately and do not start again until you have located the problem and fixed it.

  7. If you hear knocking when the machine is running, turn it off and adjust the blade tension.

  8. Always ensure that the machine is completely turned off and the blade is no longer moving when adjusting the blade, machine, or material.

  9. Use both hands to guide the stock at all time.

  10. Keep fingers clear of the blade. In general, try to keep them at least 4 inches away.

  11. If you are working with a very small pieces, place them in a jig. Your hands should never go underneath the guard.

  12. Do not force the material. Feed the stock at a moderate pace.

How to Use:
  1. To turn on the Scroll Saw, there is an orange button located under the plate.

  2. Before you press the button be sure to move down the guard that is on top of the machine.

  3. Then after you place down the guard, press the button to turn it on and off.

  4. To the right of the button there’s an orange knob that allows you to set the speed of the blade.

  5. The setting of speed is important only for the type of wood and thickness.

  6. As you are cutting, cut through slowly, going to fast, may cause injury or cause the wood to be ruined.

  7. When you are done, turn off the machine and clean your area up.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

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