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Safety Guidelines:
  1. Don’t use this machine if you have not received training.

  2. Safety glasses are required to be worn at all times.

  3. Hearing protection is recommended.

  4. No exposed long hair, no loose clothing, roll up long sleeves.

  5. Do not wear gloves.

How to Use:
  1. Never plane a board that’s less than 14 in. thick or shorter than the distance between the feed rollers (inside the machine).

  2. Keep your hands away from the machine when it is running, especially the space between the bed and cutterhead.

  3. If a board gets stuck in the planer, don’t push it. Turn off the machine, lower the bed (or raise the cutterhead), and remove the stock.

  4. Disconnect the power source before changing blades.

  5. Never look into the machine (infeed or outfeed end) when it’s running.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Planer Tutorial