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Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Always protect yourself from the sparks and UV radiation emitted.

  2. Wear dry, undamaged flame resistant clothing and gloves (as you might for welding).

  3. Wear shoes that cover your entire foot, high top leather boots work best.

  4. Button up your shirts, collars, and pockets and do not roll up the cuffs of your pants to avoid accidentally catching sparks.

  5. The plasma cutter may easily cut through gloves and hands, therefore do not place your hand near the cutter or in its path.

  6. The pilot arc may also cause burns so keep clear of the nozzle when pressing the trigger.

  7. Sparks may easily ignite combustibles so move them at least 35 feet away from the work area or make sure that they are entirely contained in appropriate storage receptacles.

  8. Do not keep matches or lighters in your pocket when working with the plasma cutter.

  9. Never cut closed or pressurized containers or those that contain flammables.

  10. Avoid working in wet conditions to avoid electrical shocks.

  11. Stand on a rubber mat or plywood board in order to fully insulate yourself from your work but be cautious as both rubber and plywood may ignite.

  12. Always fully ground your work with proper grounding cables and be sure to frequently check for loose connections.

  13. Protect yourself from UV rays by wearing proper clothing and wearing an appropriate face shield or goggles.

  14. Warn others before beginning to use the plasma cutter so that they may seek out appropriate protection for themselves.

  15. The plasma cutter heats up objects to very high temperatures. Be mindful of this when handling objects that have been cut and warn others as well.

  16. When cutting, avoid having your head directly above the plasma cutter to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

  17. Ensure that the room is adequately ventilated by opening the large doors and having a fan circulating air.

  18. Remove the coating of certain metals such as galvanized steel or cadmium plated steel before cutting them as they may give off toxic fumes. In general, check the MSDS for the material you are cutting to ensure that it is safe to cut.

How to Use:
  1. Make sure the metal you are using is ferrous (steel only). Do not grind aluminum, copper, bronze or brass.

  2. Flip the switch in the middle of the machine to the on (left) position.

  3. Wait for it to come to full speed before touching material to it.

  4. Make sure the piece of metal is secure (ie. holding it in a vice grip)

  5. Begin grinding the metal until you are finished. Switch the machine to the off (right) position


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Plasma Cutter Tutorial