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Router Table

Router Table

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Use push blocks to position your hands a safe distance from the bit.

  2. Large-diameter bits are for use only in a router table. Using bits over 1 in. dia. in a handheld router can easily cause you to lose control of the tool.

  3. Always wear eye and hearing protection.

  4. Take light cuts. Heavy cuts invite kickback. If necessary, move the fence closer to the bit or switch to a larger guide bearing.

  5. Always feed the stock from right to left.

  6. Avoid shaping small stock. Instead, shape a larger piece and reduce it in size afterwards. If you must shape a small piece, build an appropriate jig or secure the work within the jaws of a wooden handscrew clamp.

  7. Always use a guard.

  8. Never start the router with the bit in contact with the stock.

  9. Don’t force the bit or overload the router.

  10. Secure the motor in the base before starting the router.

How to Use:
  1. Select desired bit, and bit height, then tighten into place.

  2. Place piece of wood on table to the right of the router bit, and clamp down with the vertical and horiozontal clamps.

  3. Turn the machine on by flipping the red swith up.

  4. Begin pushing the wood to the right.

  5. Once the wood has gone all the way through, pull the wood out, and turn the machine off by pushing the red switch to the down position.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Router Table Tutorial