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Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

How to Use:
  1. You should have everything ready before you start to solder.

  2. Plug device in after making sure you are following the safety guidelines.

  3. Turn the power on by turning the knob to the right.

  4. The tip will now warm up and you can use that to melt the solder that you will hold close to the position you want to solder

  5. After a solder you should clean your tip in the wet sponge.

  6. Make sure that when you are not holding it, that the soldering iron is in its dedicated holder.

Safety Guidelines:
  1. Never touch the tip of the soldering iron. It can melt metal, so what do you think it will do to your skin?

  2. Hold wires to be heated with tweezers or clamps.

  3. Keep the cleaning sponge wet during use.

  4. Always return the soldering iron to its stand when not in use. Never put it down on the workbench.

  5. Turn unit off and unplug when not in use.

  6. Wear eye protection. Solder can “spit,” throwing out bits of molten metal.

  7. Always wash your hands with soap and water after soldering. Lead in solder is toxic.

  8. All those soldering should be trained and supervised appropriately. Do not use soldering irons that have obvious damage to body, cable or plug.

  9. Keep the soldering station free of electrical cables to prevent damage from the heated tip.

  10. Immediate place any burns under cold water for 15 minutes.