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Spindle Sander

Spindle Sander

Safety Guidelines
  1. Keep loose clothing, long hair, and jewelry away from spindle when in operation.

  2. Always use safety glasses when using the spindle sander.

  3. Before turning the sander on, ensure that the stock is fully clear of the spindle, as well as any scraps.

  4. Wait until the sander has fully come up to speed before sanding the stock.

  5. Keep project fully on the table and do not lift up at any point.

  6. Always move stock in the opposite direction of the rotation of the sander (counterclockwise or right to left) and apply gentle pressure.

  7. Should the stock become stuck between the sander and the table, turn the machine off, wait for it to stop moving, and pull out carefully.

  8. Keep fingers clear of the sander at all times. Always hold the stock firmly.

  9. Sand lightly; the sander may throw stock if it is pushed too hard into the machine.

  10. Do not use the spindle sander for very small pieces. Instead, sand by hand.

  11. Never leave the sander running unattended. When you turn it off, stay in the work zone until the sander has completely stopped moving.

  12. Be aware of the stop button and if necessary, use your knee to turn the machine off, should you get caught in the sander yourself.

How to Use
  1. Select desired spindle size (located in side panel).

  2. Press green start button to begin sanding.

  3. Push wood against the sander until desired shape is created.

  4. Press red stop button to stop the sander.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.

Spindle Sander Tutorial