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CNC Plasma Table

Safety Guidelines:
  1. First, make sure you are following Makerspace safety precautions (tie back hair, no loose clothing, and closed-toe shoes).

  2. Wear welder’s helmet to protect eyes from UV light.

  3. Always protect yourself from the sparks and UV radiation emitted.

  4. Beware of pinch points, keep hands and fingers away from servo motors drive belt and pulleys.

  5. Beware of plasma arc, the high voltage can cause severe injury or death.

  6. Protect your skin, wear dry, undamaged flame resistant clothing and gloves (as you might for welding).

  7. Electrical and magnetic fields used with plasma cutting could effect on pacemakers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

  8. For more safety precautions specific to the plasma cutter reference here.

How to Use:
  1. Choose a piece of sheet metal big enough for your project.

  2. Place the sheet metal flat on the table and attach the ground clip on the sheet.

  3. Make sure the control box is on with all the wires connected in the correct places.

  4. Make sure the plasma cutter is on, go here for instructions.

  5. Press the “Run/Pause DELETE” button on the handheld control.

  6. With “UDisk File” highlighted on the screen press “Origin ok” button. (Be sure to have the purple USB stick preloaded with your file)

  7. Navigate with “x+” (up) and “x-” (down) to get to your file.

  8. Select a file with “origin ok” button.

  9. Press “origin ok” to start cutting.

  10. Once the print is done press “origin ok” to go back to home screen.


For additional information, visit the Manufacturer’s Page.